professional, cost-effective
design of reinforced concrete, steel and timber structures


- Detailed structural design

- Versatile multidisciplinary structural design

- Existing projects adaptation

- Periodic building construction inspections and building inventories

- Technical and investment counsel

- Estimating and target pricing

- Technical reviews and expertise

- Construction site set-up and layout planning

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Our company has been established in 2010. We are proud to offer a professional, cost-effective design of reinforced concrete, steel and timber structures. We have built long-term relationships with our partners and together we are able to provide a comprehensive support in every aspect of the design process. Our skills lie in the area of structural design for private and public sector, including residential and commercial buildings, industrial and retail constructions, as well as public utility buildings and bridges.

Currently our business comprises operations in Germany and Poland. Excellent quality of our works meets the demanding standards of German construction market.


During the designing process, we always strive to adapt to the financial capabilities of the project sponsor and technical background of the contractor. Meeting client’s requirements is our priority and customer satisfaction is our greatest reward!

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